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Complete Health Indicator Report of Utah Population Characteristics: Household Income


Median annual household income is the income level at which half of all households' income is lower, and half of all households' income is higher.


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Why Is This Important?

Income is strongly related to health status. Low-income persons tend to have poorer health status, in part because they cannot always afford good health care. However, some people have low-income levels because chronic mental or physical illness limits their ability to complete educational goals and earn a good income.

How Are We Doing?

The median household income in Utah has increased overall since 1984, even after adjusting for inflation. However, there have been short timeframes when the median income decreased or remained fairly level.

How Do We Compare With the U.S.?

The median household income in Utah has generally kept pace with that in the U.S., but households in Utah are larger, making [[a href="indicator/view/PerCapInc.UT_US.html" per capita income]] in Utah lower than in the U.S. overall.

What Is Being Done?

The Utah Department of Health has no programs directed specifically at increasing household income levels. However, there are programs such as Medicaid, Primary Care Network, and CHIP (Children's Health Insurance Program) that pay for health care for eligible children and adults.

Available Services

For information on the Medicaid program: [[br]] In the Salt Lake City area, call 801-538-6155.[[br]] In Utah, Idaho, Wyoming, Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona, and Nevada, call toll-free 1-800-662-9651.[[br]] From other states, call 1-801-538-6155.[[br]] Medicaid Customer Service staff are available to take inquiries.[[br]] Or visit the Utah Medicaid website:[[br]] [][[br]] [[br]] For information on CHIP and the PCN:[[br]] Call the Health Resource Line: 1-888-222-2542[[br]] Or visit the their websites:[[br]] CHIP: Children's Health Insurance Program (for children 0-18) -[[br]] [][[br]] PCN: Utah Primary Care Network (for low-income adults) -[[br]] [][[br]] [[br]] Voices for Utah Children is a private, not-for-profit organization that advocates for children. Information about their activities may be found on their website, [].

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Health Care System Factors

Health insurance coverage is related to income--persons with higher household incomes are more likely to be covered by health insurance. This is true despite the fact that public programs such as CHIP, Medicaid, and Utah's Primary Care Network (PCN) are available to low-income persons. Until recently, however, only children, pregnant women, single parents, and disabled adults could gain Medicaid eligibility by virtue of their low income status. Now, low-income adults who are not disabled may also be eligible for certain types of health care coverage through the Utah Department of Health.

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Risk Factors

One of the best ways for adults (both men and women) to avoid poverty is to get a good education and prepare for a competitive job market.

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Health Status Outcomes

Low income is a risk factor for many poor health status outcomes, including general poor health, as well as others. The association between poverty and health status is probably bi-directional. That is, persons with chronic mental or physical illness are less able to achieve their educational goals and get good jobs. At the same time, persons who have lower incomes are less able to afford health care and may have less healthy lifestyles. For instance, persons with lower education and income levels are more likely to smoke cigarettes and less likely to get regular exercise.

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Graphical Data Views

Median Annual Household Income in Current Dollars and Inflation-adjusted, Utah and U.S., 1984-2021

::chart - missing::
confidence limits

CPS Utah vs. U.S.YearDollarsLower LimitUpper Limit
Record Count: 156
Utah inflation-adjusted-legacy questions1984$57,427$55,596$59,258
Utah inflation-adjusted-legacy questions1985$60,772$59,082$62,462
Utah inflation-adjusted-legacy questions1986$62,195$60,278$64,112
Utah inflation-adjusted-legacy questions1987$60,694$57,962$63,426
Utah inflation-adjusted-legacy questions1988$58,101$56,094$60,108
Utah inflation-adjusted-legacy questions1989$64,985$62,840$67,130
Utah inflation-adjusted-legacy questions1990$60,771$58,719$62,823
Utah inflation-adjusted-legacy questions1991$54,502$51,858$57,146
Utah inflation-adjusted-legacy questions1992$65,015$62,842$67,188
Utah inflation-adjusted-legacy questions1993$66,258$63,958$68,558
Utah inflation-adjusted-legacy questions1994$64,776$62,888$66,664
Utah inflation-adjusted-legacy questions1995$64,605$62,977$66,233
Utah inflation-adjusted-legacy questions1996$63,892$61,598$66,186
Utah inflation-adjusted-legacy questions1997$72,227$69,213$75,241
Utah inflation-adjusted-legacy questions1998$73,801$71,510$76,092
Utah inflation-adjusted-legacy questions1999$75,118$72,484$77,752
Utah inflation-adjusted-legacy questions2000$75,020$73,378$76,662
Utah inflation-adjusted-legacy questions2001$72,624$70,168$75,080
Utah inflation-adjusted-legacy questions2002$72,281$70,550$74,012
Utah inflation-adjusted-legacy questions2003$72,764$71,432$74,096
Utah inflation-adjusted-legacy questions2004$73,144$71,811$74,477
Utah inflation-adjusted-legacy questions2005$76,230$74,418$78,042
Utah inflation-adjusted-legacy questions2006$73,587$71,336$75,838
Utah inflation-adjusted-legacy questions2007$70,118$68,523$71,713
Utah inflation-adjusted-legacy questions2008$78,888$76,963$80,813
Utah inflation-adjusted-legacy questions2009$74,042$72,032$76,052
Utah inflation-adjusted-legacy questions2010$70,611$68,168$73,054
Utah inflation-adjusted-legacy questions2011$66,995$64,992$68,998
Utah inflation-adjusted-legacy questions2012$68,972$65,492$72,452
Utah inflation-adjusted-legacy questions2013$73,354$68,535$78,173
Utah inflation-adjusted-redesigned questions2013$71,118$69,309$72,927
Utah inflation-adjusted-redesigned questions2014$72,609$68,908$76,310
Utah inflation-adjusted-redesigned questions2015$75,772$72,956$78,588
Utah inflation-adjusted-redesigned questions2016$76,188$73,662$78,714
Utah inflation-adjusted-redesigned questions2017$77,135$74,648$79,622
Utah inflation-adjusted-redesigned questions2018$83,152$80,641$85,663
Utah inflation-adjusted-redesigned questions2019$89,574$85,871$93,277
Utah inflation-adjusted-redesigned questions2020$87,915$84,901$90,929
Utah inflation-adjusted-redesigned questions2021$87,649$83,411$91,887
U.S. inflation-adjusted-legacy questions1984$55,828$55,574$56,082
U.S. inflation-adjusted-legacy questions1985$56,871$56,563$57,179
U.S. inflation-adjusted-legacy questions1986$58,920$58,615$59,225
U.S. inflation-adjusted-legacy questions1987$59,624$59,333$59,915
U.S. inflation-adjusted-legacy questions1988$60,115$59,808$60,422
U.S. inflation-adjusted-legacy questions1989$61,153$60,817$61,489
U.S. inflation-adjusted-legacy questions1990$60,370$60,062$60,678
U.S. inflation-adjusted-legacy questions1991$58,607$58,327$58,887
U.S. inflation-adjusted-legacy questions1992$58,153$57,878$58,428
U.S. inflation-adjusted-legacy questions1993$57,843$57,573$58,113
U.S. inflation-adjusted-legacy questions1994$58,515$58,248$58,782
U.S. inflation-adjusted-legacy questions1995$60,348$59,999$60,697
U.S. inflation-adjusted-legacy questions1996$61,225$60,916$61,534
U.S. inflation-adjusted-legacy questions1997$62,484$62,195$62,773
U.S. inflation-adjusted-legacy questions1998$64,781$64,398$65,164
U.S. inflation-adjusted-legacy questions1999$66,385$66,075$66,695
U.S. inflation-adjusted-legacy questions2000$66,248$66,040$66,456
U.S. inflation-adjusted-legacy questions2001$64,779$64,581$64,977
U.S. inflation-adjusted-legacy questions2002$64,047$63,837$64,257
U.S. inflation-adjusted-legacy questions2003$63,967$63,689$64,245
U.S. inflation-adjusted-legacy questions2004$63,745$63,463$64,027
U.S. inflation-adjusted-legacy questions2005$64,427$64,211$64,643
U.S. inflation-adjusted-legacy questions2006$64,930$64,651$65,209
U.S. inflation-adjusted-legacy questions2007$65,801$65,618$65,984
U.S. inflation-adjusted-legacy questions2008$63,455$63,282$63,628
U.S. inflation-adjusted-legacy questions2009$63,011$62,741$63,281
U.S. inflation-adjusted-legacy questions2010$61,364$60,959$61,769
U.S. inflation-adjusted-legacy questions2011$60,428$60,125$60,731
U.S. inflation-adjusted-legacy questions2012$60,313$60,066$60,560
U.S. inflation-adjusted-legacy questions2013$60,507$60,185$60,829
U.S. inflation-adjusted-redesigned questions2013$62,425$61,663$63,187
U.S. inflation-adjusted-redesigned questions2014$61,468$61,019$61,917
U.S. inflation-adjusted-redesigned questions2015$64,631$64,264$64,998
U.S. inflation-adjusted-redesigned questions2016$66,657$66,165$67,149
U.S. inflation-adjusted-redesigned questions2017$67,571$67,249$67,893
U.S. inflation-adjusted-redesigned questions2018$68,168$67,715$68,621
U.S. inflation-adjusted-redesigned questions2019$72,808$72,225$73,391
U.S. inflation-adjusted-redesigned questions2020$71,186$70,626$71,746
U.S. inflation-adjusted-redesigned questions2021$70,784$70,416$71,152
Utah current dollars-legacy questions1984$23,057$22,322$23,792
Utah current dollars-legacy questions1985$25,238$24,536$25,940
Utah current dollars-legacy questions1986$26,281$25,471$27,091
Utah current dollars-legacy questions1987$26,529$25,335$27,723
Utah current dollars-legacy questions1988$26,313$25,404$27,222
Utah current dollars-legacy questions1989$30,717$29,703$31,731
Utah current dollars-legacy questions1990$30,142$29,124$31,160
Utah current dollars-legacy questions1991$28,016$26,657$29,375
Utah current dollars-legacy questions1992$34,251$33,106$35,396
Utah current dollars-legacy questions1993$35,786$34,544$37,028
Utah current dollars-legacy questions1994$35,716$34,675$36,757
Utah current dollars-legacy questions1995$36,480$35,561$37,399
Utah current dollars-legacy questions1996$37,038$35,708$38,368
Utah current dollars-legacy questions1997$42,775$40,990$44,560
Utah current dollars-legacy questions1998$44,299$42,924$45,674
Utah current dollars-legacy questions1999$46,050$44,435$47,665
Utah current dollars-legacy questions2000$47,550$46,509$48,591
Utah current dollars-legacy questions2001$47,342$45,741$48,943
Utah current dollars-legacy questions2002$47,861$46,715$49,007
Utah current dollars-legacy questions2003$49,275$48,373$50,177
Utah current dollars-legacy questions2004$50,871$49,944$51,798
Utah current dollars-legacy questions2005$54,813$53,510$56,116
Utah current dollars-legacy questions2006$54,628$52,957$56,299
Utah current dollars-legacy questions2007$53,529$52,311$54,747
Utah current dollars-legacy questions2008$62,537$61,011$64,063
Utah current dollars-legacy questions2009$58,491$56,903$60,079
Utah current dollars-legacy questions2010$56,701$54,739$58,663
Utah current dollars-legacy questions2011$55,493$53,834$57,152
Utah current dollars-legacy questions2012$58,341$55,397$61,285
Utah current dollars-legacy questions2013$62,967$58,830$67,104
Utah current dollars-redesigned questions2013$61,047$59,494$62,600
Utah current dollars-redesigned questions2014$63,383$60,152$66,614
Utah current dollars-redesigned questions2015$66,258$63,796$68,720
Utah current dollars-redesigned questions2016$67,481$65,244$69,718
Utah current dollars-redesigned questions2017$69,789$67,625$71,953
Utah current dollars-redesigned questions2018$77,067$74,740$79,394
Utah current dollars-redesigned questions2019$84,523$81,029$88,017
Utah current dollars-redesigned questions2020$83,993$81,113$86,873
Utah current dollars-redesigned questions2021$87,649$83,411$91,887
U.S. current dollars-legacy questions1984$22,415$22,313$22,517
U.S. current dollars-legacy questions1985$23,618$23,490$23,746
U.S. current dollars-legacy questions1986$24,897$24,768$25,026
U.S. current dollars-legacy questions1987$26,061$25,934$26,188
U.S. current dollars-legacy questions1988$27,225$27,086$27,364
U.S. current dollars-legacy questions1989$28,906$28,747$29,065
U.S. current dollars-legacy questions1990$29,943$29,790$30,096
U.S. current dollars-legacy questions1991$30,126$29,982$30,270
U.S. current dollars-legacy questions1992$30,636$30,491$30,781
U.S. current dollars-legacy questions1993$31,241$31,095$31,387
U.S. current dollars-legacy questions1994$32,264$32,117$32,411
U.S. current dollars-legacy questions1995$34,076$33,879$34,273
U.S. current dollars-legacy questions1996$35,492$35,313$35,671
U.S. current dollars-legacy questions1997$37,005$36,834$37,176
U.S. current dollars-legacy questions1998$38,885$38,655$39,115
U.S. current dollars-legacy questions1999$40,696$40,506$40,886
U.S. current dollars-legacy questions2000$41,990$41,858$42,122
U.S. current dollars-legacy questions2001$42,228$42,099$42,357
U.S. current dollars-legacy questions2002$42,409$42,270$42,548
U.S. current dollars-legacy questions2003$43,318$43,130$43,506
U.S. current dollars-legacy questions2004$44,334$44,138$44,530
U.S. current dollars-legacy questions2005$46,326$46,171$46,481
U.S. current dollars-legacy questions2006$48,201$47,994$48,408
U.S. current dollars-legacy questions2007$50,233$50,093$50,373
U.S. current dollars-legacy questions2008$50,303$50,166$50,440
U.S. current dollars-legacy questions2009$49,777$49,564$49,990
U.S. current dollars-legacy questions2010$49,276$48,951$49,601
U.S. current dollars-legacy questions2011$50,054$49,803$50,305
U.S. current dollars-legacy questions2012$51,017$50,808$51,226
U.S. current dollars-legacy questions2013$51,939$51,663$52,215
U.S. current dollars-redesigned questions2013$53,585$52,931$54,239
U.S. current dollars-redesigned questions2014$53,657$53,265$54,049
U.S. current dollars-redesigned questions2015$56,516$56,195$56,837
U.S. current dollars-redesigned questions2016$59,039$58,603$59,475
U.S. current dollars-redesigned questions2017$61,136$60,814$61,458
U.S. current dollars-redesigned questions2018$63,179$62,759$63,599
U.S. current dollars-redesigned questions2019$68,703$68,153$69,253
U.S. current dollars-redesigned questions2020$68,010$67,475$68,545
U.S. current dollars-redesigned questions2021$70,784$70,416$71,152

Data Notes

Legacy questions - data from income questions consistent with previous years[[br]] Redesigned questions - data from redesigned questions[[br]] For more information about the redesigned questions, see []. In order to accurately compare income over time, users should adjust the measures for changes in cost of living. The Census Bureau uses the Bureau of Labor Statistics' (BLS) Consumer Price Index (CPI-U) to adjust for changes in the cost of living. Current dollars is a term describing income in the year in which a person, household, or family receives it (unadjusted for inflation). Upper and lower limits are calculated to 90% confidence intervals.

Data Sources

  • U.S. Current Population Survey
  • U.S. Bureau of the Census

Median Annual Household Income by County, Utah, 2020

::chart - missing::
confidence limits

CountyDollarsLower LimitUpper Limit
Record Count: 31
Box Elder$73,926$66,047$81,805
Salt Lake$79,294$76,297$82,291
San Juan$50,686$43,798$57,574

Data Notes

2020 Small Area Income and Poverty Estimates (SAIPE)[[br]] Confidence limits are 90%.

Data Source

U.S. Census Bureau Small Area Income & Poverty Estimates, Model-based Estimates for States, Counties, & School Districts

Median Annual Household Income by Local Health District, Utah, 2020

::chart - missing::

Local Health DistrictDollars
Record Count: 15
Bear River$65,391
Davis County$92,253
Salt Lake County$79,294
San Juan$50,686
Utah County$81,804
State of Utah$77,785

Data Notes

Values for multi-county local health districts consist of the weighted median of the county medians.[[br]] Upper and lower confidence intervals are calculated to 90%.[[br]] 2020 SAIPE estimates.

Data Source

U.S. Census Bureau Small Area Income & Poverty Estimates, Model-based Estimates for States, Counties, & School Districts

Median Annual Household Income by Utah Small Area, ACS 2016-2020

::chart - missing::

Utah Small AreasDollarsNote
Record Count: 102
Brigham City$63,324
Box Elder Co (Other) V2$76,139
Logan V2$54,400
North Logan$52,414
Cache (Other)/Rich (All) V2$73,459
Ben Lomond$67,165
Weber County (East)$93,991
Morgan County$100,408*
Ogden (Downtown)$61,001
South Ogden$69,119
Clearfield Area/Hooper$76,655
Layton/South Weber$80,935
Kaysville/Fruit Heights$102,803
North Salt Lake$80,922
Woods Cross/West Bountiful$95,524
SLC (Rose Park)$53,330
SLC (Avenues)$72,542
SLC (Foothill/East Bench)$107,660
SLC (Glendale) V2$49,712
West Valley (Center)$71,216
West Valley (West) V2$85,672
West Valley (East) V2$57,572
SLC (Downtown) V2$46,213
SLC (Southeast Liberty)$83,391
South Salt Lake$47,651
SLC (Sugar House)$76,751
Millcreek (South)$92,000
Millcreek (East)$100,335
Holladay V2$69,178
Kearns V2$72,218
Taylorsville (E)/Murray (W)$61,372
West Jordan (Northeast) V2$76,798
West Jordan (Southeast)$79,951
West Jordan (W)/Copperton$95,584
South Jordan V2$106,631
Sandy (West)$70,714
Sandy (Center) V2$89,268
Sandy (Northeast)$110,500
Sandy (Southeast)$127,582
Tooele County (Other)$76,086
Tooele Valley$77,334
Eagle Mountain/Cedar Valley$87,137
Saratoga Springs$102,785
American Fork$93,741
Pleasant Grove/Lindon$84,340
Orem (North)$60,968
Orem (West)$66,340
Orem (East)$79,610
Provo (West City Center)$51,440
Provo (East City Center)$39,180
Salem City$92,413
Spanish Fork$79,639
Utah County (South) V2$76,547
Park City$127,822
Summit County (East)$81,215
Wasatch County$85,807*
Daggett and Uintah County$60,494
Duchesne County$61,655*
Sanpete Valley$56,256
Central (Other)$56,155
Carbon County$50,328*
Emery County$57,772*
Grand County$56,639*
San Juan County (Other)$31,923
St. George$61,095
Washington Co (Other) V2$61,800
Washington City$75,902
Hurricane/La Verkin$56,752
Ivins/Santa Clara$70,954
Cedar City$54,617
Southwest LHD (Other)$46,485
State of Utah$77,785

Data Notes

The median household income for Utah Small Areas was calculated by using the ACS 2016-2020 ZIP code level values from table S1903. The ZIP code median incomes were combined into Small Area incomes using a weighted median algorithm. A description of the Utah Small Areas may be found on IBIS at the following URL: []. *Small Areas that are also counties use the 2014-2018 ACS county estimate. **The ACS uses 5-digit ZIP Code Tabulation Areas (ZCTAs) based on boundaries from the 2010 Census. Some Small Areas consist of ZIP Codes that were introduced after 2010; therefore, data are not available for these Small Areas from the ACS.

Data Sources

  • U.S. Bureau of the Census
  • American Community Survey

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