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Chronological Index of Publications

This page contains a chronological index of the Office of Public Health Assessment publications. The year links allow you to directly jump to that section of the index which lists those publications published in that year. Click on the publication's title link to go directly to the publication. To return to the top, click on "back to the top" link which is located on the right side of the blue bars. A Topical Publications List is also available.

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Publication TitlePublished Date
Record Count: 316
DOH Report to the Legislature: Public Health Outcome Measures Report (dynamic, perpetually updated)
2023back to top
Utah health status update: Solutions to falls prevention through physical activitySeptember 2023
Spotlight: Local health departments work to add healthy food options to food pantriesSeptember 2023
Utah health status update: Fatal fentanyl facts--opioid health status report for UtahAugust 2023
Spotlight: Rural versus urban death by suicide using a firearm in UtahAugust 2023
Utah health status update: Vaccine hesitancy questions in the Utah Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System, 2020-2021July 2023
Spotlight: COVID Community Partnership projectJuly 2023
Health status update: Out-of-hospital births in Utah: Newborn hearing screening, diagnostics, and cCMV testingMay 2023
Spotlight: Sociodemographic factors associated with frequent bullying, Utah, 2018–2021May 2023
Health status update: Diabetes prevention and management in UtahApril 2023
Spotlight: Trends and characteristics of gestational diabetes: Utah, 2012–2021 April 2023
Health status update: Falls by local health district and disability status in Utah, BRFSS, 2018 and 2020March 2023
Spotlight: Survey of the influence of discrimination in preventive healthcare among underserved populationsMarch 2023
Spotlight: Streamlined training to help Head Start childcare centers receive TOP Star endorsementMarch 2023
Health status update: Community health worker (CHW) state certification in Utah February 2023
Spotlight: Positive childhood experiences data from the 2021 Youth Risk Behavior Survey February 2023
Spotlight: The Embrace Project Study: Supporting the well-being of minority women along Utah’s Wasatch Front through mental health and self-care practice April 2021–October 2022February 2023
Health status update: COVID-19 vaccination during pregnancy, Utah 2021January 2023
Spotlight: Hypertension control among HEAL program partner clinicsJanuary 2023
Spotlight: Disparities in the improvement of asthma morbidity during the first year of the COVID-19 pandemicJanuary 2023
2022back to top
Health status update: Comparison of rural and urban alcohol and drug-influenced traumatic injuries in Utah, 2018–2021December 2022
Spotlight: Methamphetamine-involved death trends in Utah December 2022
Health status update: Utah Healthy Places IndexNovember 2022
Spotlight: Experiences of anxiety during pregnancy in Utah, PRAMS 2016–2020November 2022
Spotlight: Major depressive disorder in Utah, 2019–2021November 2022
Sudden unexpected infant deaths in Utah, 2020October 2022
Guidelines for data collection on race and ethnicity in UtahOctober 2022
Spotlight: Influenza vaccination coverage during pregnancy in Utah, PRAMS 2016–2020October 2022
Health status update: School nurse and student health report, 2021–2022 school yearSeptember 2022
Health status update: Suicide mortality and suicidal behavior in Utah, 2020September 2022
Spotlight: Firearm-related deaths among children ages 0–18 in UtahSeptember 2022
Health status update: Reduced incidence of congenital Cytomegalovirus (CMV) infections during the COVID-19 pandemicAugust 2022
Spotlight: Asthma clinical quality improvement processes: evaluating successes and barriers to implementation and sustainabilityAugust 2022
Health status update: Suicide among American Indians/Alaska Natives, 2015–2020July 2022
Spotlight: Utah mental health crisis 988 hotlineJuly 2022
Health status update: Newborn hearing screening in underserved populationsJune 2022
Spotlight: Use of address-based sampling to conduct Utah’s adult tobacco surveysJune 2022
Health Status Update: Autism Spectrum Disorder and Suicidal IdeationApril 2022
Spotlight: Prenatal Care Experiences During the COVID-19 PandemicApril 2022
Health Status Update: COVID-19 Pandemic-related Stressful Events Experienced During PregnancyMarch 2022
Spotlight: Utah's Public Health Indicator-Based Information System (IBIS) Utilization Report, 2019-2021March 2022
Health Status Update: Use of Tele-Audiology for Diagnostic Testing After Failed Newborn Hearing ScreeningFebruary 2022
Spotlight: Identifying the Top Drivers of Hospitalizations in Utah, 2020February 2022
Health Status Update: Statewide Telehealth Use Assessment: Changes between 2019 and 2020 and the Impact of the COVID-19 PandemicJanuary 2022
Spotlight: American Indian/Alaska Native Population Vaccine Coverage: Differences in Measurement and ReportingJanuary 2022
2021back to top
Health Status Update: Racial and Ethnic Health Disparities in Utah Before COVID-19December 2021
Spotlight: Social Norms Around the Use of Physical Discipline by Utah CaregiversDecember 2021
Spotlight: Decline in Utah Life Expectancy Due to COVID-19December 2021
UDOH Research: Intergenerational Poverty and COVID-19 in Utah, 2020November 2021
Health Status Update: Fentanyl in UtahNovember 2021
Spotlight: Non-fatal Drug Overdose Trends in UtahNovember 2021
Annual Community Health Measures: 2020 Utah Health IndicatorsNovember 2021
Spotlight: Exploring Wasteful Healthcare Spending in UtahNovember 2021
Health Status Update: Utah Medicaid COVID-19 Vaccination OutreachOctober 2021
Spotlight: Breastfeeding Information SourcesOctober 2021
Health Status Update: Student Injuries in UtahSeptember 2021
Spotlight: Child Injury Death Trends in UtahSeptember 2021
Health Status Update: Utah CARES: Cardiac Arrest Registry to Enhance Survival August 2021
Spotlight: Stay Safe, Stay Active Streets Initiative August 2021
Health Status Update: COVID-19 Cases and Chronic Disease, 2020–2021July 2021
Spotlight: Emergency Department Visits by Race and EthnicityJuly 2021
Health Status Update: Women's Experiences of Support Following a StillbirthJune 2021
Spotlight: Medicaid Members with Hepatitis C Treatment InitiativeJune 2021
Spotlight: Role of Interactive Dashboard Development in COVID-19 ResponseJune 2021
Health Status Update: The Effects of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Early Hearing Detection and Intervention MilestonesMay 2021
Spotlight: Sociodemographic Disparities in Obtaining Oral Healthcare During PregnancyMay 2021
Health Status Update: 2020 Utah Primary Care Needs AssessmentApril 2021
Spotlight: Use of Postpartum Prescription Pain RelieversApril 2021
Spotlight: COVID-19 Rapid Testing Model Demonstrates Reduced Disease BurdenApril 2021
Health Status Update: Utah E-cigarette or Vaping Product Use-Associated Lung Injury (EVALI)March 2021
Spotlight: Utah Cigarette Smoking and Quit Rates During COVID-19March 2021
Spotlight: Adolescent Health Report 2019March 2021
Health Status Update: Breast Cancer Screening in Utah and the Impact of COVID-19February 2021
Spotlight: Postpartum Depression Among Adolescent MothersFebruary 2021
Spotlight: 2019 Youth Risk Behavior Survey ReportFebruary 2021
Health Status Update: Medical Cannabis Patient Survey Results, 2020January 2021
Spotlight: Postpartum Contraception Use among Utah WomenJanuary 2021
Spotlight: COVID-19 Serving Children with Special Health Care NeedsJanuary 2021
Summary of 2019 Health Insurance Analysis from the Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System (BRFSS)January 2021
2020back to top
UDOH Research: Low Birth Weight among children experiencing Intergenerational Poverty in Utah, 2013-2019December 2020
Health Status Update: COVID Communities Partnership (CCP)Pilot ProjectDecember 2020
Spotlight: Utah COVID-19 Involved Deaths and Death Rates, 2019-2020December 2020
Spotlight: Following COVID-19 Isolation and Quarantine GuidanceDecember 2020
Health Status Update: COVID-19 and 911 CallsNovember 2020
Spotlight: Updates on Recreational Water Quality Health GuidelinesNovember 2020
Spotlight: Infant Safe Sleep RecommendationsNovember 2020
Health Status Update: Telehealth in UtahOctober 2020
Spotlight: Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) Prevalence Estimates in UtahOctober 2020
Spotlight: COVID-19 and the Return to SchoolsOctober 2020
Health Status Update: Abortion and Effective Contraceptive Use in UtahSeptember 2020
Health Status Update: Infant Mortality in Utah by Age at Death, 2015-2017September 2020
Spotlight: Emergency Department Visits During the COVID-19 PandemicSeptember 2020
Tobacco Smoking Around the Time of Pregnancy, Utah PRAMS 2016-2018August 2020
Spotlight: How COVID-19 Disproportionately Affects HII AreasAugust 2020
Health Status Update: Maternal and Child Health State Priorities, 2021-2025July 2020
Spotlight: Asthma Control and Cost Barriers to AsthmaJuly 2020
Spotlight: Medicaid Now Covers COVID-19 Testing for Uninsured ResidentsJuly 2020
Health Status Update: Shared Risk and Protective Factors ApproachJune 2020
Spotlight: Child Blood Lead Status UpdateJune 2020
Health Status Update: Social Determinants of HealthMay 2020
Health Status Update: The Syndemic of HIV and STDsMay 2020
Health Status Update: COVID-19 Outbreak in UtahApril 2020
Spotlight: COVID-19 Website and Additional ResourcesApril 2020
Health Status Update: Dental Visits to Emergency DepartmentsMarch 2020
Spotlight: Maternal Mental Health Screening through WIC ServicesMarch 2020
Spotlight: Children's Hearing Aid Program (CHAP)March 2020
Health Status Update: Vaping and the Increased Risk for Youth Nicotine AddictionFebruary 2020
Spotlight: Accessing Primary Care: The Unheard VoicesFebruary 2020
Health Status Update: Medicaid Expansion UpdateJanuary 2020
Health Status Update: Early Hearing Detection and Intervention (EHDI) Ten Years of Data: 2007-2016January 2020
2019back to top
Health Status Update: HIV Getting to Zero PlanDecember 2019
Spotlight: Publicly Available Price Transparency Data from the Utah All Payer Claims DatabaseDecember 2019
Spotlight: PFAS Emergent Contaminants of ConcernDecember 2019
Summary of 2018 Health Insurance Analysis from the Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System (BRFSS)November 2019
Health Status Update: The Rise of Urgent Care Clinics and TelehealthNovember 2019
Spotlight: Utah Levels of Neonatal and Maternal CareNovember 2019
Spotlight: Survey Shows How Health Equity Frameworks Redirect Efforts from Short-term Care to Invest in Utah Oral Health WorkforceNovember 2019
Health Status Update: 2018 Pediatric Emergency UpdateOctober 2019
Spotlight: Out-of-hospital BirthsOctober 2019
Spotlight: Opioid Public Data Dashboard Coming SoonOctober 2019
Health Status Update: Investigation of Elevated Childhood Blood Lead Levels in Salt Lake County, 2008-2017September 2019
Spotlight: Misapplication of the CDC Guidelines on Prescribing OpioidsSeptember 2019
Spotlight: Opioid Crisis PlanningSeptember 2019
Special Edition Health Status Update: Health Disparities by Utah State Legislative DistrictAugust 2019
Special Edition Spotlight: Community Health Workers Can Help Lower Healthcare CostsAugust 2019
Special Edition Spotlight: Opioid Epidemic, Medical Cannabis and Medicaid Expansion: Impacts to American Indian/Alaska Native communities in UtahAugust 2019
Health Status Update: Four Corners States Biomonitoring Consortium (4CSBC) UpdateAugust 2019
Spotlight: The Utah Cardiac Arrest Registry to Enhance Survival (CARES) Registry and Utah Resuscitation AcademiesAugust 2019
Spotlight: Fentanyl DecontaminationAugust 2019
Special Edition Health Status Update: Vaccination Status and School Type of Outbreak- related Varicella Cases in Schools, Utah, 2011-2016July 2019
Health Status Update: New Topics for PRAMS SurveillanceJuly 2019
Spotlight: Medicaid Coverage of Residential Treatment for Substance Abuse DisorderJuly 2019
Spotlight: Utah Public Health Indicator Based Information System (IBIS)July 2019
Health Status Update: The Utah Health Improvement Index (HII)June 2019
Spotlight: AntihypertensivesJune 2019
Spotlight: Creating a Legacy of HealthJune 2019
Special Edition Health Status Update: Ending the HIV EpidemicMay 2019
Special Edition Spotlight: Critical Congenital Heart Disease (CCHD) Screening in UtahMay 2019
Special Edition Spotlight: Testing Infants Who Do Not Pass Newborn Hearing Screening(s) for a Congenital Cytomegalovirus (CMV) InfectionMay 2019
Health Status Update: The Utah Health Improvement Plan Implementation ProcessMay 2019
Spotlight: Medicaid ExpansionMay 2019
Spotlight: Addressing the Co-epidemics of Substance Abuse and Disease Transmission in UtahMay 2019
Spotlight: The Utah Asthma Home Visiting Program: A cost effective way to help people better manage their asthmaMay 2019
Special Edition Health Status Update: The Status of Women's Health in UtahMay 2019
Health Status Update: The Hidden Epidemic of Obesity: A Closer Look at Unhealthy WeightApril 2019
Breaking News: Autism PrevalenceApril 2019
Community Health Spotlight: Pacific Islanders in Southwestern UtahApril 2019
Health Status Update: Utah Medicaid Beneficiaries With Complex NeedsMarch 2019
Breaking News: Utah Fish Consumption AdvisoriesMarch 2019
Community Health Spotlight: Medicaid Preferred Drug List (PDL) SavingsMarch 2019
Health Status Update: Opioid Overdose Deaths by Occupation Groups in Utah, 2012-2017February 2019
Breaking News: Utah Medicaid Adopts Additional Limits on Opioid PrescriptionsFebruary 2019
Community Health Spotlight: Utah Coalition for Opioid Overdose Prevention (UCO-OP)February 2019
Health Status Update: Current Marijuana Use in UtahJanuary 2019
Breaking News: E-cigarette Use Among Pregnant WomenJanuary 2019
Community Health Spotlight: Trend in Overall Cesarean RateJanuary 2019
Special Edition Health Status Update: Hepatitis A Outbreak in UtahJanuary 2019
Special Edition Breaking News: Investigation of an Increased Incidence of Early Onset Group B Streptococcus Infections in UtahJanuary 2019
Special Edition Community Health Spotlight: Increased Rotavirus Incidence in UtahJanuary 2019
2018back to top
Health Status Update: Seal Your Smile School-based Sealant Program: Addressing Oral Health Disparities in ChildrenDecember 2018
Breaking News: Cross-Cultural Education and Training of Oral Health Education Institutions in UtahDecember 2018
Community Health Spotlight: Medicaid Dental Benefits for Individuals with DisabilitiesDecember 2018
Health Status Update: Impact of Social and Emotional Development on HealthNovember 2018
Breaking News: Reducing Preterm BirthNovember 2018
Community Health Spotlight: Enhancing the Role of Pharmacists in Chronic Disease ManagementNovember 2018
Summary of 2017 Health Insurance Analysis from the Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System (BRFSS)November 2018
Health Status Update: Adolescent Health TrendsOctober 2018
Breaking News: Reasons for Not Having Health Insurance Before PregnancyOctober 2018
Community Health Spotlight: Insurance Coverage by IndustryOctober 2018
Health Status Update: Comparing Clinics' Quality of Care Using the Utah All Payer Claims DatabaseSeptember 2018
Breaking News: Medicaid Migrates to Web-Based Platform for Provider TrainingSeptember 2018
Community Health Spotlight: Oral Health Care and PregnancySeptember 2018
Health Status Update: Utahns with Disabilities: An Overlooked, Significant Health Disparate GroupAugust 2018
Breaking News: Highlights on American Indian Health in UtahAugust 2018
Community Health Spotlight: Quit Service Use Among Utah Adult Smokers, Fiscal Year 2018 (July 1, 2017 to June 30, 2018)August 2018
Health Status Update: Disparities in Cancer IncidenceJuly 2018
Breaking News: Sampling for Lead in School Drinking WaterJuly 2018
Community Health Spotlight: Carbon Monoxide Poisoning AwarenessJuly 2018
Health Status Update: Hepatitis C Prevention as Part of a Harm Reduction StrategyJune 2018
Breaking News: Medicaid Adult ExpansionJune 2018
Community Health Spotlight: Results of 2017 WIC Participant Satisfaction SurveyJune 2018
Health Status Update: Utah Health Improvement PlanMay 2018
Breaking News: Using Clinical Data for Chronic Disease SurveillanceMay 2018
Community Health Spotlight: A Partnership with Medicaid to Improve Prediabetes, Diabetes, and Asthma in Utah through the 6|18 InitiativeMay 2018
Health Status Update: It Takes a Village: Addressing Infant Mortality Disparities by Giving Utah Pacific Islander Babies the Best ChanceApril 2018
Breaking News: Developmental Screening Practices in UtahApril 2018
Community Health Spotlight: Efforts to Improve Worksite WellnessApril 2018
Utah Health Improvement Plan 2017-2020April 2018
Health Status Update: Harmful Algal Bloom CyanotoxinsMarch 2018
Breaking News: Excessive Alcohol Use and Related HarmsMarch 2018
Community Health Spotlight: Disparities in Tobacco Retail Density Among Utah School DistrictsMarch 2018
Health Status Update: Oral Health Knowledge and Behaviors Among Utah StudentsFebruary 2018
Breaking News: Targeted Adult Medicaid ProgramFebruary 2018
Community Health Spotlight: Million Hearts and the Utah Excellence in Blood Pressure Recognition ProgramFebruary 2018
Health Status Update: Utahns, Being Among the Healthiest People in the NationJanuary 2018
Breaking News: Progress in Utah as Part of the Four Corners States Biomonitoring ConsortiumJanuary 2018
Community Health Spotlight: Maternal Anxiety and DepressionJanuary 2018
2017back to top
Health Status Update: Vaping Trends Among Utah Youth and AdultsDecember 2017
Breaking News: Chronic Diseases and Birth OutcomesDecember 2017
Community Health Spotlight: Uninsured Rate at Lowest Point in More than a DecadeDecember 2017
Special Edition Health Status Update: CDC Investigation Shows Youth Suicides in Utah IncreasingNovember 2017
Summary of 2016 Health Insurance Analysis from the Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System (BRFSS)November 2017
Health Status Update: Interpersonal Violence in UtahNovember 2017
Breaking News: Prevalence of Children with Disabilities (people who have) in UtahNovember 2017
Community Health Spotlight: Utah Syringe Exchange ProgramNovember 2017
Health Status Update: Fentanyl Abuse in Utah and Risk to First RespondersOctober 2017
Breaking News: Hepatitis A OutbreakOctober 2017
Community Health Spotlight: Combating Medicaid Fraud, Waste and Abuse with New Provider Enrollment InitiativesOctober 2017
Health Status Update: Initial Diagnosis of Opioid Naive PatientsSeptember 2017
Breaking News: Multi-Jurisdiction Response to E. coli infection in Hildale, UtahSeptember 2017
Community Health Spotlight: Measles Outbreak, Utah 2017September 2017
Health Status Update: Sexually Transmitted DiseasesAugust 2017
Breaking News: Human Papillomavirus (HPV) VaccinationAugust 2017
Community Health Spotlight: Oral Health and Its Impact on DiabetesAugust 2017
Health Status Update: Trends and Characteristics of Home Births in Utah 2004-2013July 2017
Breaking News: Critical Congenital Heart Defect (CCHD) Newborn Screening in UtahJuly 2017
Community Health Spotlight: Utilizing Commodity Supplemental Food Program (CSFP) Participant Feedback to Drive Nutrition Education Messaging and CommunicationJuly 2017
Health Status Update: Investigation of a Multi-state Seoul Virus OutbreakJune 2017
Breaking News: Out of Hospital Birth TransfersJune 2017
Community Health Spotlight: Medically Complex Children's WaiverJune 2017
Health Status Update: Bridging Communities and Clinics: Addressing Geographic Disparities in Primary Care and Oral Health ServicesMay 2017
Breaking News: Maternal Mortality in UtahMay 2017
Community Health Spotlight: Raw Milk Outbreaks in UtahMay 2017
Health Status Update: Hepatitis C and Drug DiversionApril 2017
Breaking News: San Juan River Long-Term SamplingApril 2017
Community Health Spotlight: Cultural and Linguistically Appropriate Services in Mental/Behavioral HealthApril 2017
Health Status Update: Zika VirusMarch 2017
Breaking News: Intergenerational PovertyMarch 2017
Community Health Spotlight: Program Outputs from "It Takes a Village"March 2017
Health Status Update: Measuring Health Disparities: Trends in Utah Racial and Ethnic MinoritiesFebruary 2017
Breaking News: Influenza-associated HospitalizationsFebruary 2017
Community Health Spotlight: Infant Sleep Position Among Teen MothersFebruary 2017
Special Edition Health Status Update: 2015-2016 Oral Health Status of Utah ChildrenJanuary 2017
Health Status Update: Eating Disorders Among AdolescentsJanuary 2017
Breaking News: PrediabetesJanuary 2017
Community Health Spotlight: Showcase of Usability of Utah All Payer Claims Data (APCD)January 2017
2016back to top
Special Edition Health Status Update: Four Corners States Biomonitoring ConsortiumDecember 2016
Special Edition Breaking News: Harmful Algal BloomsDecember 2016
Special Edition Community Health Spotlight: Pregnancy Intention - Survey Response OptionsDecember 2016
Health Status Update: Utahns, Becoming the Healthiest People in the Nation--Progress ReviewDecember 2016
Breaking News: Updated Utah Air Quality School Recess GuidanceDecember 2016
Community Health Spotlight: Improving Health for All Utahns: Developing the Health Improvement PlanDecember 2016
Health Status Update: Prescribing Practice in UtahNovember 2016
Breaking News: Fentanyl and NaloxoneNovember 2016
Community Health Spotlight: Syringe Exchange ProgramsNovember 2016
Summary of 2015 Health Insurance Analysis from the Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System (BRFSS)November 2016
Health Status Update: Top 10 Communicable DiseasesOctober 2016
Breaking News: Severe Respiratory Disease Outbreak in Southeast UtahOctober 2016
Community Health Spotlight: Utah Access Monitoring Review PlanOctober 2016
Utah State Health Assessment 2016September 2016
Health Status Update: Tobacco and Alcohol Use Among Utah Youth - 2015September 2016
Breaking News: Healthcare Facility Assessments of Capacity to Prevent Transmission of InfectionsSeptember 2016
Community Health Spotlight: Safe HavenSeptember 2016
Health Status Update: Comparing Clinics' Quality of Care Using Utah's APCDAugust 2016
Breaking News: Methamphetamine Decontamination RuleAugust 2016
Community Health Spotlight: Reasons for Claiming Immunization ExemptionAugust 2016
Health Status Update: Opiate Antagonist: Naloxone Awareness in UtahJuly 2016
Breaking News: Zika VirusJuly 2016
Community Health Spotlight: Utah Cancer Genomics ProgramJuly 2016
Health Status Update: Using Clinical Risk Groups to Analyze the Utah All Payer Claims DataJune 2016
Breaking News: Youth SuicideJune 2016
Community Health Spotlight: Impact of Electronic Laboratory ReportingJune 2016
Health Status Update: Alzheimer's and Related DementiasMay 2016
Breaking News: Implementing Utah's State Plan for Alzheimer's and Related DementiasMay 2016
Community Health Spotlight: Domestic Violence During PregnancyMay 2016
Health Status Update: Breastfeeding Friendly HospitalsApril 2016
Breaking News: Pacific Islander Birth Outcome Intervention ProgramApril 2016
Community Health Spotlight: Neighborhood Safety During PregnancyApril 2016
Health Status Update: Pediatric Tuberculosis in UtahMarch 2016
Breaking News: Training on Investigation of Healthcare-Associated Infection (HAI) OutbreaksMarch 2016
Community Health Spotlight: Effects of Perceived Racism during Pregnancy in UtahMarch 2016
Health Status Update: Air Quality in UtahFebruary 2016
Breaking News: InfluenzaFebruary 2016
Community Health Spotlight: Food Insecurity and Pregnancy Outcomes in UtahFebruary 2016
Special Edition Health Status Update: Healthcare Cost in Utah: Brief Summary of the 2014 Utah All Payer Claims DataJanuary 2016
Health Status Update: Maternal and Child Health State Priorities, 2016-2020January 2016
Breaking News: Parkinson's Disease Registry LaunchedJanuary 2016
Community Health Spotlight: Youth Use of Electronic Cigarettes Is Increasing Significantly in Most of Utah's Local Health DistrictsJanuary 2016
2015back to top
Health Status Update: Utahns, Becoming the Healthiest People in Nation - Progress ReviewDecember 2015
Breaking News: Office of Primary Care and Rural Health is Accepting Applications for the Rural Physician Loan Repayment ProgramDecember 2015
Community Health Spotlight: HIV Surveillance Update for 2014December 2015
Health Status Update: Autism Services for Medicaid RecipientsNovember 2015
Breaking News: Postpartum VisitsNovember 2015
Community Health Spotlight: Utah's Hemp Extract Registration CardNovember 2015
Utah Healthcare Access Survey: Health Insurance Highlights 2014November 2015
Health Status Update: Communicable Disease Highlights - Utah, 2014October 2015
Breaking News: Utah Adoption RegistryOctober 2015
Community Health Spotlight: Strategies to Reduce Infant Mortality in UtahOctober 2015
Health Status Update: Industry and Occupation Impact on HealthSeptember 2015
Breaking News: Medicaid Accountable Care Organizations Expand to Additional CountiesSeptember 2015
Community Health Spotlight: Utah's Environmental Public Health Tracking NetworkSeptember 2015
IBIS Satisfaction Survey ResultsAugust 2015
Health Status Update: Health Status by Race and Ethnicity: 15 Years of SurveillanceAugust 2015
Breaking News: Maternal Transfusion in UtahAugust 2015
Community Health Spotlight: Intimate Partner Violence and Adverse Childhood Experiences Among Utah FemalesAugust 2015
Health Status Update: Effects of Adverse Childhood ExperiencesJuly 2015
Breaking News: Improvement in Collection Time for Newborn Screening KitsJuly 2015
Community Health Spotlight: Perinatal Quality Collaborative: Utah Women and Newborn Quality Collaborative (UWNQC)July 2015
Health Status Update: The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act and Utah's Public Health SystemJune 2015
Breaking News: Autism Rates and Screening Practices in ChildrenJune 2015
Community Health Spotlight: Concussions Among Utah High School StudentsJune 2015
Health Status Update: Child Developmental Screening BarriersMay 2015
Breaking News: Critical Congenital Heart Defect (CCHD) Screening ProjectMay 2015
Community Health Spotlight: The Utah Cytomegalovirus (CMV) Education and Testing Initiative: A Pioneering Adventure in Public HealthMay 2015
Health Status Update: 2015 Measles Outbreak in UtahApril 2015
Breaking News: Oral Health and AgingApril 2015
Community Health Spotlight: 2014 Consumer Satisfaction Survey Shows Large Differences Among Plan TypesApril 2015
Health Status Update: Effectively Managing Tuberculosis in UtahMarch 2015
Breaking News: HIV Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP)March 2015
Community Health Spotlight: Gonorrhea Outbreak in UtahMarch 2015
Health Status Update: Risk and Protective Factors for Youth SuicideFebruary 2015
Breaking News: Postpartum Testing and Education for Utah Mothers with Gestational DiabetesFebruary 2015
Community Health Spotlight: Social Determinants of Health: ReligionFebruary 2015
Utah's Healthiest People Priorities ReportJanuary 2015
Health Status Update: HPV ImmunizationJanuary 2015
Breaking News: Nicotine Content in E-Liquid Samples, Salt Lake County Health Department, 2014January 2015
Community Health Spotlight: Radon TestingJanuary 2015

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