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Data List for Suicide by Sex and Year, Utah and U.S., 2000-2018 and U.S. 2000-2017

UT M, UT F, US M, US FYearAge-adjusted rate per 100,000 PopulationLower LimitUpper LimitNumer- atorDenom- inator
Record Count: 74
Utah Males200022.419.425.72221,124,675
Utah Males200125.622.529.02631,144,533
Utah Males200224.721.728.12591,165,962
Utah Males200326.223.129.62811,184,270
Utah Males200428.825.532.33091,204,831
Utah Males200525.422.428.72821,232,978
Utah Males200624.621.627.82741,267,516
Utah Males200724.621.827.72931,305,074
Utah Males200825.122.328.13111,337,398
Utah Males200927.524.630.73461,367,912
Utah Males201028.625.731.83691,394,091
Utah Males201129.926.933.23781,413,738
Utah Males201233.029.936.44291,434,450
Utah Males201333.030.036.34441,457,255
Utah Males201431.328.334.54171,477,294
Utah Males201532.529.635.74591,500,620
Utah Males201632.529.635.74591,531,594
Utah Males201734.231.237.44991,562,805
Utah Males201834.331.437.55151,592,143
Utah Females20007.25.69.1721,119,827
Utah Females20015.34.07.0531,139,182
Utah Females20027.76.19.7771,158,853
Utah Females20035.03.86.6541,175,867
Utah Females20046.24.87.9681,196,749
Utah Females20055.64.27.2621,224,741
Utah Females20067.35.89.1831,257,991
Utah Females20076.55.18.2751,292,672
Utah Females20086.14.87.7731,325,631
Utah Females20098.06.59.8971,355,509
Utah Females20107.66.29.4981,381,243
Utah Females20118.67.010.31131,400,478
Utah Females20129.07.410.81161,419,017
Utah Females20139.47.811.31261,440,672
Utah Females201410.28.512.01381,460,105
Utah Females201511.19.413.11501,481,877
Utah Females201610.89.112.71531,511,019
Utah Females201711.59.813.41641,540,313
Utah Females201810.08.411.71491,568,962
U.S. Males200017.723,618138,458,150
U.S. Males200118.224,672139,891,492
U.S. Males200218.525,409141,230,559
U.S. Males200318.125,203142,428,897
U.S. Males200418.125,566143,828,012
U.S. Males200518.125,907145,197,078
U.S. Males200618.126,308146,647,265
U.S. Males200718.527,269148,064,854
U.S. Males200819.028,450149,489,951
U.S. Males200919.229,089150,807,454
U.S. Males201019.830,277151,788,777
U.S. Males201120.031,003153,242,210
U.S. Males201220.331,780154,452,348
U.S. Males201320.232,055155,596,820
U.S. Males201420.733,162156,807,419
U.S. Males201521.033,994158,048,153
U.S. Males201621.334,727159,243,817
U.S. Males201722.436,782160,408,119
U.S. Females20004.05,732143,713,786
U.S. Females20014.15,950145,077,463
U.S. Females20024.26,246146,394,634
U.S. Females20034.26,281147,679,036
U.S. Females20044.56,873148,977,286
U.S. Females20054.46,730150,319,521
U.S. Females20064.56,992151,732,647
U.S. Females20074.67,329153,166,353
U.S. Females20084.87,585154,604,015
U.S. Females20094.97,820155,964,075
U.S. Females20105.08,087156,969,328
U.S. Females20115.28,515158,402,070
U.S. Females20125.48,820159,540,924
U.S. Females20135.59,094160,637,685
U.S. Females20145.89,664161,815,106
U.S. Females20156.010,199162,991,686
U.S. Females20166.010,238164,162,118
U.S. Females20176.110,391165,311,059

Data Notes

Suicides are determined using ICD-10 codes X60-X84, Y87.0, *U03.

Data Sources

  • Utah Death Certificate Database, Office of Vital Records and Statistics, Utah Department of Health
  • Population Estimates: National Center for Health Statistics (NCHS) through a collaborative agreement with the U.S. Census Bureau, IBIS Version 2018
  • National Center for Injury Prevention and Control's Web-based Injury Statistics Query and Reporting System (WISQARS)

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Suicide Death Rate: Number of resident deaths resulting from the intentional use of force against oneself per 100,000 population (ICD-10 codes X60-X84, Y87.0, *U03). Suicide Risk Among Students: Percentage of students who reported a suicide risk factor (felt sad or hopeless, seriously considered attempting suicide, made a suicide plan, or attempted suicide) during the past 12 months.

How We Calculated the Rates

Numerator:Suicide Death Rate: Number of deaths resulting from the intentional use of force against oneself. Suicide Risk Among Students: Number of students who reported a suicide risk factor (felt sad or hopeless, seriously considered attempting suicide, made a suicide plan, or attempted suicide) during the past 12 months.
Denominator:Suicide Death Rate: Total number of persons in the population of Utah. Suicide Risk Among Students: Number of surveyed Utah high school students.

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