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Health Indicator Report of Demo Indicator for Admin Manual- Test

Write a few sentences about why the indicator is important. It is important to be concise here. Picture a fiscal conservative in the Utah legislature who happens to sit on the Legislative Finance Committee. You are trying to convince him or her that this is an important issue to the overall health and well-being of all Utahns, and you must do it in 200 words or less, or you'll exceed his or her attention span. kake

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Graph One, Subtitle One, Utah, 2011


Use this input field ONLY if the data note applies to all graphical views. Use the Data Notes field on the Graph Specification page for a note that should appear only with that particular graph. This field may be used to provide some background information, particularly if there have been changes in the data set (e.g., changes in wording of questions from year to year, changes in collection methods, etc.), ICD-10 codes used to identify events, information about age-adjustment, etc. The Data Notes will appear underneath the graph, and should be used to report brief, important information used to clarify information in the graph. Lengthy notes should instead be included under Data Interpretation Issues.

Data Interpretation Issues

Are there any issues that a person should consider in order to understand and appropriately interpret the data? (Picture your legislator, new staff person, or your sister or brother. What would they need to know about the data to understand how to interpret it?)


The definition should describe how the numeric value is calculated. It should include a conceptual description of the numerator and denominator and whether the measure is age-adjusted. SJ9]] he 30 days prior to the survey. [[img src ="" width = "652" height= "455"]]


The numerator should clearly specify the numerator in the calculation of the measure. The numerator is typically the count or the number of health events of interest.


Specify the denominator. The denominator is often the population at risk. If the measure is a simple count that does not employ a denominator (e.g., number of cases of Hepatitis A), just write "Not applicable" here.

Healthy People Objective AH-11.3:

(Developmental) Decrease the percentage of counties and cities reporting youth gang activity
U.S. Target: Developmental

Other Objectives

This is a place to list program objectives other than HP2010; There is a separate tab for Healthy People 2010 objectives. For example, what other national or state goals and objectives are in place for this indicator, such as federal block grant performance measures, etc. Also use this area, and not the HP2010 Tab, to identify indicators that are conceptually the same as a HP2010 objective, but use a different computational definition. (This is an optional field.)

How Are We Doing?

This is essentially a text explanation of the information that is found in the graph (i.e., What does the graph depict, in plain English). You may wish to answer the question "Are we improving or getting worse?" (This is an optional field.)

How Do We Compare With the U.S.?

Utah is often different from the U.S. Is the Utah value better or worse? Getting closer to the U.S. value or diverging? Do we know why? (This is an optional field.)

What Is Being Done?

By 2020 the Utah Arthritis Program intends to initiate an awareness campaign to increase awareness about the importance of early diagnosis of arthritis.

Evidence-based Practices

This is a place to describe the types of interventions that have been shown to improve outcomes in this area. While you may not be able to describe the interventions in detail, you could note what issues the most effective strategies address, and you could include the URL(s) of any websites where additional information about these strategies may be found. (This is an optional field.)

Available Services

Can you say anything about services available to members of the public? If you had a problem related to your indicator (diabetes, cancer, smoking, etc.), what kind of help might you be looking for? What sorts of referrals can we offer to the public? (We probably need to be reasonable, here, and not cast the net too broadly, or to programs or documents that we don't have good information about.)

Health Program Information

This is a catch-all. Things like, the program was just established 3 months ago and so you don't have a lot of successes to report yet, but stay tuned... Anything you think sells or describes your program that you did not have a chance to say, above. (This is an optional field.)
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