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Data List for Motor Vehicle Traffic Crash Emergency Department Visits by Age Groups and Sex, Utah, 2004-2006

Males vs. FemalesAge GroupMVC Emergency Department Visits per 10,000Lower LimitUpper LimitNumer- atorDenom- inator
Record Count: 26
MaleLess Than 128.1824.4731.8922178,424
Male1-4 Yrs29.1927.2731.11887303,868
Male5-9 Yrs29.827.9631.641,006337,567
Male10-14 Yrs43.5741.2545.891,351310,072
Male15-17 Yrs135.79130.53141.052,523185,803
Male18-19 Yrs186.69179.21194.182,346125,660
Male20-24 Yrs141.03137.21144.865,151365,236
Male25-34 Yrs100.0897.62102.546,297629,204
Male35-44 Yrs78.7976.2981.293,791481,133
Male45-54 Yrs61.9659.6464.282,724439,626
Male55-64 Yrs48.0745.5450.61,378286,656
Male65+ Yrs39.2436.9641.521,131288,231
FemaleLess Than 129.2825.4133.1621974,786
Female1-4 Yrs27.1725.2729.06787289,704
Female5-9 Yrs27.9826.1429.81894319,559
Female10-14 Yrs45.0442.6147.461,316292,211
Female15-17 Yrs194187.57200.433,428176,702
Female18-19 Yrs215.51207.95223.083,052141,615
Female20-24 Yrs156.56152.55160.575,764368,170
Female25-34 Yrs112.31109.631156,642591,392
Female35-44 Yrs97.3994.55100.234,483460,318
Female45-54 Yrs80.1377.4982.783,502437,015
Female55-64 Yrs62.659.7565.451,843294,393
Female65+ Yrs47.6645.3949.931,689354,403

Data Notes

ICD-9 Codes: E810-E819, E958.5, E968.5, E988.5.   [[br]] [[br]] For 2004-2006, MVC ED treat-and-release visit rates were higher for females over age 15 than for males in the same age groups. Sex differences for those under age 15 were not statistically significant. Overall, the 18-19 age group (202.0 ED visits per 10,000 population) followed by the 15-17 age group (164.2 ED visits per 10,000 population) had the highest MVC ED treat and release rates. After the teen years, as age increases, MVC ED visits decrease. Children (age 0 to 14) had the lowest overall MVC ED visit rate (with 33.3 MVC ED treat-and-release visits per 10,000 population).

Data Source

Emergency Department Encounter Database, Bureau of Emergency Medical Services, Utah Department of Health

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The number of outpatient emergency department (ED) encounters/inpatient hospitalizations for motor vehicle crash injuries per 10,000 persons in the population. This includes persons who may have died as a result of their injuries. ICD-9 Codes: E810-E819, E958.5, E968.5, E988.5.

How We Calculated the Rates

Numerator:ED encounters: The number of emergency department encounters for motor vehicle crash injuries. Hospitalizations: The number of hospitalizations for motor vehicle crash injuries.
Denominator:Total number of persons in the population of Utah.

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