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Alphabetical Indicator Report Index

Welcome to the IBIS-PH Indicator Report Alphabetical Index. To view an Indicator Report, click on the item's title located in the following list. The Indicator Report Categorized Index page is also available. The categorized index provides a hierarchical folder tree selection menu that shows the available Indicator Reports organized by topic or subject area.

Indicator Report Published Date
Activity Limitation 12/10/2014
Adolescent Births 12/09/2014
Adverse Events Related to Hospital Inpatient Care 10/20/2014
Air Quality: Ozone 04/10/2015
Air Quality: Particulate Matter (PM2.5) 04/10/2015
Alcohol Consumption - Binge Drinking 12/10/2014
Alcohol Consumption - Chronic Drinking 01/02/2015
Alzheimer's Disease 07/03/2013
Ambulatory Care Sensitive Condition: Bacterial Pneumonia Hospitalization Among Adults 12/08/2014
Ambulatory Care Sensitive Conditions: Diabetes Hospitalization Among Adults 12/09/2014
Arthritis - Monitoring Reach of Evidence-based Programs 07/01/2013
Arthritis Prevalence 11/04/2014
Arthritis and Activity Limitation 07/08/2013
Arthritis and Poor Mental Health 04/01/2014
Asthma Hospitalizations 03/03/2015
Asthma Management 01/23/2015
Asthma-related Emergency Department (ED) Visits 03/03/2015
Asthma: Adult Prevalence 03/03/2015
Asthma: Child Prevalence 03/03/2015
Birth Defects: Congenital Heart Defects 09/13/2010
Birth Defects: Down Syndrome 10/27/2011
Birth Defects: Gastroschisis 07/20/2012
Birth Defects: Hypospadias 12/01/2014
Birth Defects: Infant Mortality 12/01/2014
Birth Defects: Limb Defects 09/09/2010
Birth Defects: Neural Tube Defects 09/13/2010
Birth Defects: Orofacial Clefts 10/27/2011
Birth Defects: Overall 12/01/2014
Birth Rates 12/09/2014
Births from Unintended Pregnancies 11/19/2013
Bladder Cancer 08/10/2012
Blood Cholesterol Screening 07/25/2013
Blood Cholesterol: Doctor-diagnosed High Cholesterol 12/09/2014
Blood Lead in Adults 05/05/2014
Blood Lead in Children 05/05/2014
Blood Pressure: Doctor-diagnosed Hypertension 11/30/2014
Breast Cancer - Mammography 12/02/2014
Breast Cancer Deaths 12/02/2014
Breast Cancer Incidence 10/08/2014
Breastfeeding (Ever) 07/20/2012
Breastfeeding at 1 Year 07/20/2012
Breastfeeding at 3 Months and 6 Months 07/20/2012
Cancer Deaths 12/02/2014
Cancer of the Brain and Central Nervous System 08/27/2012
Carbon Monoxide Deaths 04/08/2015
Carbon Monoxide: Hospitalizations and Emergency Department (ED) Visits 01/22/2015
Carbon Monoxide: Poison Control Exposures 02/04/2015
Cervical Cancer Death 05/05/2014
Cervical Cancer Incidence 07/14/2014
Cervical Cancer Screening (Pap) 08/08/2014
Cesarean Delivery 12/13/2013
Child Care Numbers of Facilities 10/20/2014
Chlamydia Cases 12/02/2014
Climate Change Divisions Map 10/18/2012
Climate Change: Extreme Weather Events 04/09/2015
Climate Change: Greenhouse Gases 04/09/2015
Climate Change: Precipitation 10/18/2012
Climate Change: Temperature 10/18/2012
Colon Cancer Incidence 04/06/2015
Colorectal Cancer Deaths 12/04/2014
Colorectal Cancer Screening 03/26/2015
Coronary Heart Disease (CHD) Deaths 11/04/2014
Cost as a Barrier to Health Care 12/10/2014
Daily Fruit Consumption 12/01/2014
Daily Vegetable Consumption 12/02/2014
Deaths From All Causes 03/10/2015
Deaths due to Diabetes as Underlying Cause 11/05/2014
Dental Caries Experience: Children Aged 6-9 10/16/2014
Dental Disease: Untreated Decay in Children Aged 6-9 10/16/2014
Dental Sealants: Children Age 6-9 01/17/2014
Depression: Adult Prevalence 12/10/2014
Diabetes Hemoglobin A1C Tests 12/10/2012
Diabetes Prevalence 11/30/2014
Diabetes Prevalence Among Utah Youth 02/21/2012
Diabetes as Primary Diagnosis for Hospitalization 07/20/2012
Diabetes: Gestational Diabetes 03/05/2012
Domestic Violence During the Perinatal Time Period 12/30/2013
Domestic Violence Fatalities 12/12/2011
Drinking Water: Arsenic 05/12/2015
Drinking Water: Atrazine 05/18/2015
Drinking Water: DEHP (Di [2-Ethylhexyl] phthalate) 05/19/2015
Drinking Water: Disinfection Byproducts 06/30/2014
Drinking Water: Nitrates 06/30/2014
Drinking Water: PCE (Tetrachloroethene) 06/16/2014
Drinking Water: Public Water Use 04/09/2015
Drinking Water: Radium 06/30/2014
Drinking Water: TCE (Trichloroethene) 06/16/2014
Drinking Water: Uranium 06/16/2014
Drug Overdose and Poisoning Incidents 01/23/2015
EMS Response Time 10/09/2014
Electronic Cigarettes 12/11/2014
Environmental Burden of Childhood Diseases 04/30/2015
Fair/Poor Health 12/09/2014
Fall Injury (Unintentional) 11/01/2014
Fetal and Perinatal Mortality 08/28/2012
Foodborne Illness - Campylobacter Infections 10/09/2014
Foodborne Illness - Salmonella Infections 10/17/2014
Foodborne Illness - Shiga Toxin-producing E. coli (STEC) Infections 10/17/2014
General Fertility Rate 01/22/2015
Gonorrhea Cases 12/08/2014
HEDIS (Healthcare Effectiveness Data and Information Set) Measures: Diabetes Care - Hemoglobin A1c (A1C) 12/02/2014
HIV Infections 12/01/2014
Hazardous Substance Releases 04/09/2015
Health Care Expenditures by Category 12/15/2014
Health Care Spending as a Percentage of Income 12/15/2014
Health Insurance Coverage 03/03/2015
Health Status: Mental Health Past 30 Days 12/09/2014
Health Status: Physical Health Past 30 Days 12/10/2014
Heart Attack: Hospitalizations 11/21/2014
Heart Disease Deaths 07/25/2013
Hepatitis A Infections 10/09/2014
Homicide 07/11/2013
Immunization - Influenza, Adults 10/08/2014
Immunizations - Pneumonia, Adults 08/29/2012
Immunizations 4:3:1:3:3:1 10/08/2014
Infant Mortality 12/10/2013
Infant Safe Sleep 10/15/2013
Influenza Virus Infections 01/21/2015
Leukemias 08/27/2012
Life Expectancy at Birth 12/08/2014
Low Birth Weight 12/09/2014
Lower Back Pain with Imaging Procedures 11/19/2014
Lung Cancer Deaths 12/02/2014
Lung Cancer Incidence 09/09/2014
Managed Care (CAHPS) Survey: Customer Service 06/10/2015
Managed Care (CAHPS) Survey: Getting Needed Care 06/10/2015
Managed Care (CAHPS) Survey: Health Plan Ratings 06/10/2015
Managed Care (CAHPS) Survey: Quality of Care 06/10/2015
Marriage and Divorce 12/11/2014
Maternal Mortality 03/24/2014
Measles Infections 10/27/2014
Medicaid Inflation 12/16/2014
Medicaid and CHIP Penetration 05/12/2014
Medical Assistance Expenditures 04/09/2015
Melanoma of the Skin Deaths 05/29/2015
Melanoma of the Skin Incidence 05/29/2015
Motor Vehicle Crash Emergency Department Visits and Hospitalizations 08/27/2012
Motor Vehicle Traffic Crash Deaths 12/02/2014
Neonatal Mortality 08/01/2012
Newborn Hearing Screening 12/10/2014
Newborn Heelstick Screening 11/17/2014
Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma 07/31/2012
Nursing Home Occupancy Rate 10/11/2013
Obesity Among Adults 12/01/2014
Obesity Among Children and Adolescents 12/01/2014
Obesity in Pregnancy 05/12/2014
Overweight WIC Children 12/08/2011
Overweight or Obese 12/01/2014
Personal Doctor or Health Care Provider 12/11/2014
Personal Health Care Costs, Annual Rate of Increase 12/15/2014
Pertussis Cases 10/27/2014
Physical Activity Among Adolescents 12/01/2014
Physical Activity: Recommended Aerobic Activity Among Adults 01/23/2015
Physical Activity: Recommended Muscle-strengthening Among Adults 12/01/2014
Physician Supply 01/14/2015
Postpartum Depression 10/10/2013
Preconception Health and Health Care 04/01/2014
Prenatal Care 12/08/2014
Preterm Birth 12/04/2014
Prostate Cancer Deaths 12/02/2014
Prostate Cancer Incidence 03/22/2015
Prostate Cancer Screening 05/28/2014
Radon 12/24/2014
Rape 01/14/2015
Recreational Waterborne Disease Outbreaks (RWBDO) 10/17/2014
Refugee Arrivals 11/23/2011
Routine Dental Health Care Visits 10/16/2014
Routine Medical Care Visits 12/10/2014
Safe Restaurant Food 11/04/2014
Seat Belts: Safety Restraint Use 12/10/2014
Secondhand Smoke - Children Exposed 04/10/2012
Sex Ratio at Birth 10/30/2008
Smoking Among Adolescents 10/21/2014
Smoking Among Adults 01/23/2015
Smoking Cessation Attempt 10/21/2014
Smoking in the Third Trimester of Pregnancy 12/04/2014
Stroke (Cerebrovascular Disease) Deaths 11/21/2014
Stroke Awareness and Willingness to Call 911 08/22/2012
Student Injuries 12/12/2011
Substance Abuse - Adolescents 12/05/2014
Suicide 01/05/2015
Sun Safety Measures 07/14/2014
Syphilis Cases - Primary and Secondary 12/01/2014
Thyroid Cancer 08/10/2012
Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) 02/05/2015
Tuberculosis Cases 01/22/2015
UDOH Support for Health Professional Education (Grants Program) 01/15/2015
UDOH Support for Local Emergency Medical Services (EMS) 12/12/2014
Unintentional Injury Deaths 01/23/2015
Utah Department of Health-Public Health Laboratory Capacity 01/03/2014
Utah Population Characteristics: Age Distribution of the Population 12/09/2014
Utah Population Characteristics: Education Level in the Population 03/22/2015
Utah Population Characteristics: Historical Population Estimates 02/04/2015
Utah Population Characteristics: Household Income 03/22/2015
Utah Population Characteristics: Household Structure 04/03/2015
Utah Population Characteristics: Per Capita Income 04/02/2015
Utah Population Characteristics: Persons of Hispanic Ethnicity 03/24/2014
Utah Population Characteristics: Poverty, All Persons 03/22/2015
Utah Population Characteristics: Poverty, Children Age 17 and Under 04/08/2015
Utah Population Characteristics: Racial and Ethnic Composition of the Population 12/03/2014
Very Low Birth Weight 07/14/2011
Very Preterm Birth 07/14/2011
West Nile Virus Infections 09/11/2014
Zoonotic Illnesses - Tularemia Cases 10/08/2014
Record Count: 204

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